Alicia Witt in Cecil B. Demented

Alicia Witt (1975 - )

Film deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Fun (1994) [Bonnie]: Commits suicide by jumping from the roof of a building.
  • Cecil B. Demented (2000) [Cherish]: Shot in the head by police while she's making love with Stephen Dorff on a rooftop.
  • I Care a Lot (2021) [Dr. Karen Amos]: Murdered off-screen by Peter Dinklage's henchmen. Her death is revealed when Rosamund Pike sees a news report about it on television.

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Exorcist: Help Me (2017) [Nikki Kim]: Drowns herself as her husband (John Cho) watches in horror; her body is shown after being removed from the water. Her identity is later assumed by a demon that appears before John. (Alicia's death is first revealed in the episode Safe as Houses, but her actual death scene occurs in this episode.)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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