Alice Patten in Jonathan Creek: Gorgons Wood


Alice Patten (1980 - )

Film Deaths:Edit


TV Deaths:Edit

  • Jonathan Creek: Gorgons Wood (2004) [Gillian Bailey/Dawn]: Playing a dual role, "Gillian" is stabbed in the stomach with a pitchfork by Bob Mercer in the woods. Her death is first shown when her mother (Celia Imrie) finds a video camera that had accidentally recorded a portion of the murder, but because the video only showed Alice's face during the attack, Celia mistakes it for a sex tape (confusing Alice's cries of pain with moans of passion). Her death is shown again later on when Alan Davies explains what really happened. Her body is shown again later on when the police find her in the woods. ("Dawn" survives the episode.)

Noteworthy Connections:Edit

  • Daughter of Chris Patten (former Governor of Hong Kong)
  • Wife of Tim Steed
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