Alice Kremelberg (with Patrick Scherrer) in Love is Dead!

Alice Kremelberg (1990 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Sweet Hollow (2015) [Emily]: Hacked to death with an axe by Ryan Vigilant (off-screen); the film ends right before Ryan hits her with his axe.
  • Stronger Together (2017) [Lauren]: Stabbed to death by Stacey Maltin; this turns out to be Stacey's dream and she survives the film in reality.

Television Deaths Edit

  • Fringe: Unearthed (2010) [Lisa Donovan]: Dies from being taken off life support after being rendered braindead by an aneurysm; her body is later possessed by the ghost of Chazz Menendez and she comes back to life when she is able to free her consciousness from Chazz.
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