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Alice Eve (1982 - )

Alice Eve in ATM

Deaths in Film[]

  • Big Nothing (2006) [Josie McBroom]: Strangled, dismembered, and disemboweled (off-screen) by a serial killer (Paul Preston); we last see her riding off with him, after another body is revealed in the back of his truck. (The killer's MO had been revealed in the dialogue earlier in the movie.) (Thanks to ND)
  • ATM (2012) [Emily Brandt]: Dies after hitting her head against the wall, when Brian Geraghty slips while balancing her on his shoulders and drowned.
  • Criminal (2016) [Marta Lynch]: Gets shot in the stomach first,then shot in the chest by Antje Traue while being incapacited from the stomach wound during a gunfight on a bridge.
  • Replicas (2018) [Mona Foster]: Playing both Mona and a clone, Alice is impaled in the chest by a tree branch when the tree lands on the SUV she and Keanu Reeves are riding in. The clone survives the movie.

Notable Connections[]

Daughter of Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan