Alia Shawkat in The Final Girls


Alia Shawkat's death (with Nina Dobrev) in The Final Girls

Alia Shawkat (1989 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Final Girls (2015) [Gertie Michaels]: Killed in an explosion, along with Nina Dobrev, when they use a rope-and-pulley to dump a bucket of gasoline onto the burning Dan B. Norris, while Nina and Alia are trapped beneath a bookcase, in addition to having been stabbed in the back through the bookcase by Dan. She is brought back to life when Taissa Farmiga and Alexander Ludwig escape the world of the movie and wake up in a hospital, reunited with their friends (only to discover that they're not back in reality but in another movie).

Television Deaths Edit

  • Search Party: Obsession (2017) [Dory Sief]: Commits suicide by jumping off of a building; this turns out to be Alia's imagination and she survives the episode in reality.
  • Search Party: The Reckoning (2020) [Dory Sief]: A duplicate of Alia is strangled by the real Alia during a hallucination; the real Alia survives the episode.

Noteable Connections Edit

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