Alfred Hitchcock being taken away to be shot in 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Case of Mr. Pelham'


Alfred Hitchcock (1899 - 1980)


Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Case of Mr. Pelham (1955) [Alfred Hitchcock]: Playing a dual role as both the real Alfred Hitchcock and an impostor during the host segments, the impostor is shot to death (off-screen) after being carried off; we hear the shot during the "real" Alfred's monologue. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Tales from the Crypt; You, Murderer (1995) [Alfred Hitckcock]: Dies from boredom (off screen) while listening to the Cryptkeeper (voiced by John Kassir) tell his story; his skeleton is seen later on in the episode (Note: Using special effects, Alfred was able to appear despite his real life death years before this episode).

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

Husband of Alma Reville (screenwriter)

Father of Patricia Hitchcock

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