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Alf Kjellin (1920 - 1988)

a.k.a. Christopher Kent.

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Iron Mistress (1952) [Philippe de Cabanal]: Stabbed in the stomach when Anthony Caruso accidentally throws a knife into him (thinking he was Alan Ladd), he manages to shoot Anthony in the head.
  • Assault on a Queen (1966) [Eric Lauffnauer]: Killed when a coast guard ship runs into his U-boat.

TV Deaths:[]

  • Combat!: Just for the Record(1963) [Maj. Kurt Hoffman]: Mortally wounded in a struggle with Vic Morrow when Vic turns his own pistol back on him an fires. He dies moments later talking to Micheline Presle as she cradles his head in her lap.
  • 12 O'Clock High: P.O.W.: Part Two (1965) [Col. Max Richter]: Shot to death with a pistol by Robert Lansing as Alf was trying to kill him with a submachinegun.
  • Tarzan: The Last of the Supermen (1967) [Von Wolvner]: Dies in a cave with William Wintersole when gigantic rocks fall on them. 
  • Mission: Impossible: Doomsday (1969) [Carl Vandaam]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Sid Haig. We hear the shot as Barbara Bain leaves the building.