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Alexandra Daddario (1986 - )

Alexandra Daddario just before her death in The Attic

Film Deaths[]

  • The Attic (2007) [Ava Strauss]: Killed (off-screen) by a malevolent spirit; we only see her writhing on the ground in pain as the spirit attacks her. (Thanks to RebelYank)
  • Bereavement (2010) [Allison Miller]: Repeatedly stabbed on her chest and stomach to death by Spencer List.
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) [Annabeth Chase]: Impaled through the back by a monster during a battle; she dies in Logan Lerman's arms shortly afterwards. She is brought back to life when Logan covers her with a magical artifact.
  • San Andreas (2015) [Blake]: Clinically dies after drowning in a flooding building as her father (Dwayne Johnson) tries to rescue her; she is revived by Dwayne a short while later.
  • Rampage (2018) [Scuba Diver]: Possibly killed by a sea monster off-screen; we last see her diving from a boat while the monster's shadow can be seen in the water. (Alexandra's scenes were deleted from the film; they appear as bonus content in the home media releases.)
  • We Summon the Darkness (2019) [Alexis]: Run over by Amy Forsyth with a car (off-screen), in addition to being thrown out of a window; the scene cuts to black before Amy hits her.

Television Deaths[]

  • Life on Mars: Let All the Children Boogie (2009) [Emily 'Rocket Girl' Wyatt]: Accidentally drowned on a deep, muddy wetland by the Alien ship's thrust as she went very close to it. Her body is later found by Jason O'Mara. Her death was actually shown in flashback later in the episode.


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