Alexandra dead

Alexandra Breckenridge in 'True Blood: Cold Light of Dawn'

Alexandra Breckenridge (1982 - )

aka Alex Breckenridge

Film DeathsEdit

  • A Bridge to Nowhere (2009) [Sienna]: Playing a prostitute, she is strangled to death by a client.
  • Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story (2015) [Sara]: Beaten to death by Chris Marquette (being controlled by Doug Jones).
  • Broken Vows (2016) [Debra]: Wrist slit by Wes Bentley to make it look like a suicide. Her actual death was off-screen.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Medium: Jump Start (2005) (as Alex Breckenridge) [Isabel Galvan]: Kills herself by jumping off of a cliff.
  • American Horror Story: Murder House (2011) [Young Moira]: Shot in the eye by Jessica Lange after Jessica catches Eric Close attempting to rape Alexandra (and Jessica blames Alexandra for "tempting" him). She appears as a ghost throughout the entire first season, manifesting in two different forms: her "young" form reflecting her physical appearance at the time of her death and her "old" form, Frances Conroy, reflecting her "old soul".

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