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Alexandra Bastedo in The Blood-Spattered Bride

Alexandra Bastedo (1946 - 2014)

Deaths in Film[]

  • The Blood-Spattered Bride (La novia ensangrentada) (1972) [Mircalla Karnstein]: Shot repeatedly, along with Maribel Martin, by Simon Andreu as Alexandra and Maribel are lying in a coffin; we only see Simon firing into the closed coffin. Her body is shown afterwards when Simon opens the coffin and prepares to cut out her heart (the scene cuts away to a newspaper headline about the murders just as Simon is about to remove her heart by cutting under her left breast). (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Eric)

TV Deaths[]

  • Department S: The Man Who Got a New Face [Nicole]: Killed in a car crash along with William Wilde.
  • The Aphrodite inheritance (1979) [Helene]: Drowned when she fails to escape from a temple to Aphrodite that is flooded during an earthquake. It is later revealed that she is Aphrodite, one of the 'deathless gods' (to use Homer's phrase) and she is seen (with two other characters also believed to have been killed) drinking wine on a beach.

Notable Connections[]

Mrs. Patrick Garland (director/producer) (widowed)