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Alexander Siddig in Game of Thrones: The Red Woman

Alexander Siddig (1965 -)

a.k.a. Siddig El Fadil

Film Deaths[]

  • Vertical Limit (2000) [Kazeem Nazir]: Killed in an explosion along with Ben Mendelsohn, when they clumsily let nitroglycerine leak out of its container and is detonated by the heat rays of the sun.
  • Reign of Fire (2002) [Ajay]: Burned to death when the dragon breathes fire on the fortress.
  • Syriana (2005) [Prince Nasir Al-Subaai]: Killed in an explosion, along with his family and George Clooney, when a missile strikes his car.
  • The Last Legion (2007) [Theodorus Andronikos]: Stabbed to death by his own subordinate Mira.
  • Doomsday (2008) [Prime Minister John Hatcher]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth, after being infected with the Reaper virus; we only see the blood spatter on the wall after the camera pans upward.
  • Spy(ies)/Espion(s) (2009) [Malik]: Shot by his own bodyguard in a car park shootout.
  • Miral (2010) [Jamal]: Dies offscreen of sickness.
  • 21 Bridges (2019) [Adi]: Shot in the eye by Darren Lipari, when Darren shoots the peep hole to Alexander's apartment, just as Alexander is looking through it. Alexander is dragged away by Stephan James, while Taylor Kitsch shoots back at Darren. After complaining that he has gone blind, Alexander advises Stephen to take the hard drive and escape, before Alexander dies from his injury.
  • Skylin3s (2020) [Radford]: Torso dismembered by the Matriarch.
  • Deliver Us (2023) [Cardinal Russo]: Attacked by wolves after he gets caught in a bear trap.

Television Deaths[]


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