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Alex Rocco in The Godfather.

Alex Rocco (1936 - 2015)

Film Deaths[]

  • Wild Riders (1971) [Stick]: Drowned when he falls into the swimming pool after Ted Hayden smashes a cello over Alex's head.
  • The Godfather (1972) [Moe Greene]: Shot in the eye by one of Al Pacino's hitmen while lying on a massage table. (See Bruce Robertson for the video game version)
  • The Outside Man (Un homme est mort) (1972) [Miller] Shot in the chest by Lionel Vitrant.
  • Detroit 9000 (Call Detroit 9000; Detroit Heat) (1973) [Lieutenant Danny Bassett]: I remember that he was killed in this movie, though I can't recall the details.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special (1992) [Himself] Accidentally killed when Jon Lovitz throws some dice and they go through his eye, parodying his Godfather death with him saying "Not the other eye..." before dying. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Party Down; Constance Carmell Wedding (2010) [Howard Greengold]: Dies of a heart attack (off camera) as he rides away from his wedding with his new wife (Jane Lynch); his death is revealed when Lynch exits the car they're in and tells the wedding guests (Played For Comic Effect).
  • Episodes S5 E5. (2017) [Dick LeBlanc]: Alex played in just 2 episodes in the earlier series, playing Matt LeBlanc's father, and died before this series was made. His character's death from a heart attack is dealt with in this episode. (Thanks to Brian)

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