Alex Reid in The Descent

Alex Reid in Wilderness

Alex Reid (1980 -)

Deaths in Film[edit | edit source]

  • The Descent (2005) [Beth]: Bludgeoned to death with a rock by Shauna Macdonald, as a mercy killing (at Alex' own request) after Alex had been accidentally stabbed in the throat with a pickaxe by Natalie Mendoza and left for dead. (Thanks to Germboygel and Matt)
  • Wilderness (2006) [Louise]: Throat slit by Stephen Don when he sneaks up behind her in camouflage, While Alex got Badly injured after Alex got Knocked off a cliff by One of the dogs, falling to death (Off-Screen), Before that, Her head is shown when the gang discovers it on a stick in the woods with Davie's name written in blood on her head. (Thanks to Nick and Liz)

    Alex Reid in Wilderness


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Deaths in Television[edit | edit source]


Louise's Death (Wilderness (2006)) part 1- Louise got knocked off a cliff by Dogs

  • Misfits: Episode 5 (2009) [Sally]: Suffers a fatal head injury after being accidentally slammed backwards into a door handle at the end of a struggle with Iwan Rheon. She dies as Iwan looks on remorsefully. (Her body appears in the next episode when Iwan is reveaed to be keeping her in a freezer, and again in Episode 2.1 when Robert Sheehan, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Lauren Socha and Antonia Thomas team up to help Iwan dispose of the corpse.)

    Louise's Death (Wilderness (2006)) part 2- Louise got throat slit by a killer


    Louise's Death (Wilderness (2006)) part 3- Louise's head on a stick

    Alex Reid in Misfits: Season 1 Episode 5

    Alex's Frozen Body in Misfits: Season 2 Episode 1

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