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Alessio Biagioni (1979 -)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Path (2008) (Uncredited) Reduced in a catatonic state by the Witch Chiara Pavoni after he resisted her to join the evil. Probably killed by Chiara together with Novella Ginetti. We see Alessio's look in the final scene while Novella is killed. Alessio also dies in the short film "The Doctor Shock that is seen on TV by Marco Labate. We do not see the scene in which he dies in the film but only the beginning of the scene where Novella Ginetti finds the body of Alessio Biagioni and shouts. In a promo we see the whole scene with the discovery of the body.
  • The Sin (2010) (uncredited) Bit on throat by Giuditta Natali Elmi
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