Alessia Lotti in Il suicidio della rivoluzione

Alessia Lotti in Il suicide della rivoluzione

Alessia Lotti (19?? - )

Miss Universo Toscana 2008

Film Deaths Edit

Alessia Lotti dead in Il suicidio della rivoluzione

Alessia Lotti dead in II suicide della rivoluzione

  • La prescelta (2012) [Alessia]: Hit on the head by Roberta Ciciliani.
  • Ultimo amore (2012) [Alessia, the model]: Possibly killed by gangsters when he finds the body of Marco Labate. Marco and Alessia do a photo shoot, while Alessia is to change Raffaele Totaro kills Marco but soon after the gangsters arrive to kidnap Raffaele and while they are pulling him back Alessia. The scene ends with a gunshot on the black.
  • Il suicidio della rivoluzione(2013) [Alessia, first victim]: Poisoned by drinking poisoned wine Raffaele Totaro. Her body is seen when Raffaele diverts it in the cellar.
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