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Alejandro Awada in “Epitafios: Episode 2.10".

Alejandro Awada (1961 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • El bar (2017) [Sergio]: Shot to death (along with Terele Pávez and Joaquín Climent) and his body burned by the police in the quarantined bar (off-screen), we only hear the sound of the shooting from the point of view of the other survivors hiding in the bar's basement.

Tv DeathsEdit

  • Epitafios: Episode 2.10 (2009) [Alfonso Velázquez - XL]: Bleeds to death after been stressed with the visions he had during a hypnosis session. His body is seen in the morgue on the next episode.
  • Historia de un clan: Episode 3. (2015) [Arquímedes Puccio]: Shot in the chest with a rifle by his son (Chino Darín) in Chino's dream sequence.
  • Historia de un clan: Episode 11. (TV Mini-Series; 2015) [Arquímides Puccio]: Playing a real life character, dies (off screen) of complications after suffering a stroke.


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