Aldo Sambrell in Killer Barbys

Aldo Sambrell (1931 - 2010)

a.k.a. Aldo Brell or Aldo Sambrelli, various other alternate spellings

Film deaths

  • Navajo Joe (1966) [Mervyn 'Vee' Duncan - Bandit Leader]: Hit in the forehead with an axe when Burt Reynolds throws it at him, while Aldo shoots Burt trying to kill him.
  • The Light at the Edge of the World (1971) [Tarcante]: Killed, along with all the other pirates, when Kirk Douglas fires a cannon at their ship and sinks it.
  • Treasure Island (1972) [Israel Hands]: Shot by Kim Burfield and falls into the sea after throwing a knife at Kim as he chases him up the mast rigging. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Operation Condor (Armour of God II: Operation Condor) (1991) [Adolf]: Killed in an explosion when the base self-destructs and he chooses to remain behind rather than attempt to escape.
  • Men of War (1994) [Goldmouth]: Killed in an explosion after Catherine Bell puts a grenade down his clothes.
  • Killer Barbys (Vampire Killer Barbys) (1996) [Arkan]: Shot in the mouth with a crossbow bolt by Charlie S. Chaplin.

TV Deaths:

None known

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