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Albert Salmi in Lawman

Albert Salmi (1928 - 1990)

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Bravados (1958) [Ed Taylor]: Killed (off-screen, unclear how) by Gregory Peck, after Gregory ties lassos and ties him up (by the legs) to a tree. His body is shown when the others find him. (Thanks to Mac)
  • The Brothers Karamazov (1958) [Smerdyakov]: Commits suicide after having murdered Lee J. Cobb.
  • The Unforgiven (1960) [Charlie Rawlins]: Shot in the back with an arrow by a Kiowa warrior as Albert is riding by the riverside at night.
  • The Ambushers (1967) [Jose Ortega, a.k.a. Leopold Caselius]: Killed by the electromagnetic energy field inside the flying saucer when Janice Rule activates it.
  • The Devil's Backbone (The Deserter) (1970) [Schmidt]: Falls to his death off of a cliff along with Woody Strode when he tries to rescue cliff hanging Woody on a covert army mission in Mexico.
  • Lawman(1971) [Harvey Stenbaugh]: Shot to death by Burt Lancaster after Albert pulls his gun. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Superstition (1982) [Inspector Sturgess]: Killed by Carole Goldman's supernatural powers.

Television Deaths:[]

  • The United States Steel Hour: Bang the Drum Slowly (1956) [Bruce Pierson]: Dies of Hodgkin's lymphoma. (I haven't seen this version, but I have seen Robert De Niro's death in the 1973 film version.) (Thanks to Mac)
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Jokester (1958) [Mr Bradley]: Drunk, he is knocked out in a bar by Richard Benedict after playing a stupid prank on Richard's girl. He appears to be dead of a broken neck and is dumped by the docks. He turns up in the morgue as a 'stiff' but mumbles to attendant Roscoe Ates he is still alive. Roscoe ignores him as he had previously played a similar prank. Roscoe then slides him into the freezing compartment. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Twilight Zone: Execution (1960) [Joe Caswell]: Strangled with a drapery cord by Than Wyenn.
  • Combat!: Cat and Mouse (1962) [Jenkins]: Shot to death in a melee shoot out with Ted Knight's soldiers in a German field headquarters.
  • Rawhide: Incident of the Pale Rider (1963) [John Day / Rivers]: In a dual role as twin brothers "John Day" is mortally wounded by Clint Eastwood as he was trying to rob him in a Wells Fargo office. "Rivers" survives the episode.
  • Cimarron Strip: The Last Wolf (1967) [Sam Gallatin]: Shot dead in a shootout in the rocks by Stuart Whitman after he has killed Morgan Woodward. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Hawaii Five-O: The Payoff (1970) [Vince Ryan]: Shot by Jack Lord as he is about to shoot James MacArthur in the back. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Night Gallery: The Waiting Room (1972) [Joe Bristol]: Sentenced to relive his death in an abstract version of hell over and over, along with Steve Forrest, Jim Davis, Lexx Barker, Buddy Ebsen and Larry Watson. We see Albert get up and leave the room when the clock strikes his hour.  Then we hear the gunfire as he is killed.
  • Mission: Impossible: The Fuehrer's Children (1989) [Richard Kester]: Strangled by his neo-Nazi leaders.

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