Alan Rickman in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Alan Rickman (1946 - 2016)

"I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously".

Deaths in Film

  • Die Hard (1988) [Hans Gruber]: Falls to his death from the skyscraper at the end of a struggle with Bruce Willis, on top of having been shot in the stomach by Bruce. (Thanks to Emily, Stephen, Debi, Neil, Nilescu, Ryan, Tommy, and Harry)
  • Galaxy Quest (1999) [Alexander Dane]: Shot with a ray-gun by Robin Sachs; he is later brought back to life when Tim Allen activates The Omega 13 device to turn back time and prevent his death. (Thanks to April and Tommy)
  • A Fish Tale (Hjaelp, jeg er en fisk; Help, I'm a Fish) (2000; animated) [Joe]: Drowned after he changes from a fish into human form while underwater. (Thanks to ND)
  • CBGB (2013) [Hilly Krystal]: Portraying a real life character, he dies from complications of lung cancer. The film closes with an image of the real Hilly and the legend "Hilly Kristal: September 23, 1931 – August 28, 2007".

TV Deaths

  • Romeo and Juliet (1978 TV) [Tybalt]: Stabbed/impaled after a sword fight by Patrick Ryecart. (Thanks to Debi)
  • Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (1996 TV) [Grigori Rasputin]: Drowned/frozen (off-screen) from being thrown into a river after getting poisoned from eating the sweets and drinking the wine containing lethal amounts of cyanide inside both of them, before being shot several times by James Frain and the tsarists. (Thanks to Stephen, Joise, and Nilescu)
  • Something the Lord Made (2004 TV) [Dr. Alfred Blalock]: Dies (off-screen) of natural causes in his sleep; we learn of his death when Kyra Sedgwick informs Mos Def over the telephone. (Thanks to Stephen)



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