Alan Ladd in This Gun for Hire

Alan Ladd (1913 - 1964)

Film DeathsEdit

  • China (1943) [Mr. David Jones]: Killed by expected rockfall, triggered by friends above, while delaying Japanese troops in pass.
  • The Great Gatsby (1949) [Jay Gatsby]: Shot in the back by Howard Da Silva whilst relaxing in the swimming pool.
  • Shane (1953) [Shane]: Wounded in a shoot-out with John Dierkes. We learn he's been wounded after he walks out of the saloon. Some viewers have argued that Alan is already dead in the final shot of him riding out on his horse, while others believe that he was slightly still alive and survived the movie. (Even the 1998 film The Negotiator includes a sequence of Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey debating this very point).

Noteworthy connectionsEdit

  • Mr. Sue Carol.
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