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Alan Alda in Murder at 1600

Alan Alda (1936 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Mephisto Waltz (1971) [Myles Clarkson]: Dies after his spirit switches bodies with Curd Jürgens; since it's Alan's spirit that dies in Bradford's body, I'm listing the scene for both actors. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Glass House (1972) [Jonathon Paige]: Shot in the chest by Clu Gulager when Alan comes running through the prison door, trying to get away from Vic Morrow.
  • Murder at 1600 (1997) [National Security Advisor Alvin Jordan]: Shot repeatedly in the chest and stomach by Secret Service agents when Alan shoots at Ronny Cox and wounds Diane Lane (his body is later seen, as he slides down a wall, with Secret Service arranging it to look like he was killed during the crossfire with Alan's assassin). (Thanks to Derek)

TV Deaths[]

  • Kill Me If You Can (The Caryl Chessman Story) (1977 TV) [Caryl W. Chessman]: Executed in the gas chamber.


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