Akaji Maro (1943 - )

Old Man Time

Akaji Maro in 'City of Lost Souls'

Film deathsEdit

  • Non-Stop (Dangan ranna) (1996) [Boss] Shot in the forehead by Diamond Yukai
  • Tokyo Rampage (Pornostar / Poruno sutâ) (1998) [The Old Man]: Has his throat slit by Chihara Junia in his own office.
  • The City of Lost Souls (Hyôryû-gai) (2000) [Yakuza Boss]: Shot to death by Kôji Kikkawa.
  • 9 Souls (Nain souruzu) (2003) [Owner of the Candy Shop]: Beaten to death off-screen when his store is robbed. His body is later shown.
  • Samurai Resurrection (Makai tenshô) (2003) [Ieyasu Tokugawa]: Stabbed in the face with a magic blade causing him to turn into dust.
  • Yakuza Weapon (Gokudo heiki) (2011) [Kenzo] Shot to death by Shingo Tsurumi. His body later has a nuclear weapon put into it, which eventually goes off. 


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