Agueda Cardenas (right) and Brianna Goldie (left) before their deaths in Suicide Squad

Agueda Cardenas (19?? - )

Film deaths

  • Suicide Squad (2016) [Technician 2]: Executed with a handgun by Viola Davis along with all the office staff to cover up knowledge of the Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) and Viola's involvement in inadvertently unleashing her. We first hear gunshots off-camera while Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman are talking before we see Viola quickly open fire on several people in the office. Due to the suddeness and the lighting, it is unclear if Agueda is seen being shot, but because only the characters on the mission to rescue Viola are spared and Agueda is not seen again, it is heavily implied she was among those executed.

TV Deaths

  • None known
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