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Adrien Brody in The Singing Detective

Adrien Brody (1973 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Solo (1996) [Dr. Bill Stewart]: Fatally beaten by William Sadler; he dies of his injuries shortly afterwards while talking to Mario Van Peebles (who manages to rescue him from a death trap). His body is later seen when the android Mario takes him to a temple and paints his face as part of burial process (Thanks to Michael)
  • The Singing Detective (2003) [First Hood]: Shot in the head in a shoot-out with Robert Downey Jr. in the hospital. (Adrien is actually a character in Robert's story, so this sequence appears to be a hallucination, although it could be interpreted that he has literally come to life.)
  • The Village (2004) [Noah Percy]: Fatally injured when he falls into a pit. (Thanks to Gary)
  • The Jacket (2005) [Jack Starks]: Hits his head on the pavement when he slips on some ice; he is given a "second life" by being transported through time just at the moment of his death. (Thanks to Michelle)
  • Manolete (2008) [Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez]:
  • Giallo (2009) [Inspector Enzo Avolfi/Giallo]: Playing a dual role, "Giallo" falls to his death through a skylight window at the end of a fight with "Enzo." (For his role as "Giallo," Adrien was nearly unrecognizable under heavy make-up, and was credited under the anagrammatical pseudonym Byron Diedra.)
  • Splice (2009) [Clive Nicoli]: Stabbed in the chest by Delphine Chaneac's spiked tail, as Sarah Polley looks on in horror. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Midnight in Paris (2011) [Salvador Dali]:
  • American Heist (2014) [Frankie Kelly]: Shot in the head by a police sniper, after Adrien walks out of the bank pretending to hold his brother (Hayden Christensen) hostage so that he has a chance of escape.
  • Dragon Blade (2015) [Tiberius]: Stabbed (off-camera) by Jackie Chan or probably stabbed himself at the end of the film's climatic fight sequence. We only see Jackie's reaction in shock and then Adrien's body fallen to the ground.
  • Air Strike (2018) [Steve]: Killed in a Japanese airstrike.

TV Deaths[]



  • Son of Sylvia Plaschy (journalist) and Elliot Brody (painter)