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Adrianne Palicki in 7 Mummies

Adrianne Palicki (1983 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • 7 Mummies (2006) [Isabelle]: Slashed across the chest by Billy Drago, as the others look on in horror.

Television Deaths:[]

  • Smallville: Covenant (2004) [Lindsey Harrison]: First appears nude to Tom Welling and states to be "Kara" from Krypton. Later it is revealed that she (Palicki) was abducted and possessed by the sentient computer version Jor'el. After "Kara" successfully gets Clark (Welling) into a cave, Jor'el either kills her or puts her in suspened animation. (Note: Palicki nude scene are done with shadow, and camera angles that hidden she is walking around fully nude).
  • Supernatural: Pilot (2005) [Jessica Moore]: Killed by a demon in Jared Padalecki's bedroom. Her body is seen stuck in the ceiling and blood coming out of her stomach,then suddenly her whole body is torched into fire. (She reappeared as a vision in the 2005 episode Bloody Mary, and again in an alternate reality "wishworld" in the 2007 episode What Is and What Should Never Be.) (Thanks to Eric)

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