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Adrian Holmes in Hunt to Kill

Adrian Holmes (1974 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Hunt to Kill (2010) [Crab]: Shot in the chest by Gil Bellows in the woods.
  • Vendetta (2015) [Drexel]: Falls to his death after being thrown off a rooftop by Dean Cain at the end of a fight.

TV Deaths[]

  • Strange Frequency (2001) [Dean Mace]: Shot in the chest by Marla Sokoloff (off-screen); his body is shown when Judd Nelson sees him.
  • Smallville: Fanatic (2006) [Griff]: Murdered (off-screen). His death is revealed in conversation between Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover with the former accusing the latter of killing him, but with John simply stating his death occured in a bad neighborhood.
  • True Justice: The Shot (2012) [Marcus Mitchell]: Shot to death by Steven Seagal.