Addison Timlin in Depraved

Addison Timlin (1991 - )

Film Deaths

  • Odd Thomas (2013) [Stormy Llewellyn]: Shot to death by Morse Bicknell (off-screen); she appears as a spirit to Anton Yelchin (believing she survived the shooting) and her death is revealed when Laurel Harris mentions it to Anton. She later "dies" again (signified by her transforming into butterflies) when Anton allows her to move on to the afterlife.
  • Chasing You (2017) [Kat]: Dies from unspecified causes prior to the events of the film (off-screen); she appears to Jeremy Allen White as a drug-induced hallucination.
  • Depraved (2019) [Shelley]: Accidentally suffocated by Alex Breaux when he covers her face with his hands. Her body is shown again while David Call and Ana Kayne are disposing of it.
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